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Canada Immigration

Canada is one of the world's top immigration destinations with over 200,000 new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream.

One of the objectives of Canadian immigration is to welcome skilled newcomers who will contribute to Canada's growing economy.  Skilled workers that settle in Canada on a permanent basis are especially valuable to the Canadian workforce.

Every application for Canadian immigration made through an economic immigration program is, in some way, unique. One thing that the majority of principal applicants share in common, however, is the experience of proving language ability. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) affirms that the ability to communicate in one or both of Canada’s two official languages is key to finding employment and ensuring a smooth transition into Canadian life.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the new selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada.
Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers.

  • Canada Express Entry
  • Fastest way to migrate to Canada
  • No occupation list: everybody can apply
  • Processing time: less than 6 months 
  • Job offers from Canadian employers

The Canada Express entry scheme was launched on 1 January, 2015 as a faster means to immigrate to Canada. Under this scheme, individuals will be admitted under certain economic immigration

programs which are listed below:-

  • The Federal Skilled Worker
  • The Federal Trades Worker
  • The Canadian Experience Class, and 
  • A Portion of the Provincial Nomination Program

There is no cap as to the number of people who can submit their profile under the scheme. Skilled workers from various Skills, Experience, and professional backgrounds can put their profiles in the pool. 

The FSW Express entry program to Canada is just changing in selection process and not selection criteria for migrants wanting to settle down in Canada as a skilled worker.

Express Entry to Canada allows certain federal government and provincial governments, and Canadian employers to short list potential immigrants from a pool of applications. Candidates who submit an expression of interest under any of the immigration programs and meet the eligibility criteria will be placed in a pool.

  • After receiving an invitation to apply by the CIC. Invitations are not hard to come by and once the candidate enters the Express Entry Pool, he or she has better chances for Canada immigration. Each application remains in this pool for a maximum of one year, after which, the individual needs to re-apply.
  • The Express Entry scheme is points based which is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System. While filling the online profile, the candidate needs to fill in details regarding his or her educational qualifications, work experience, language skills and certain other factors, including whether they have a blood relation in Canada.
  • The Canadian Employers and Provinces will have access to the database pool where all profiles of skilled professionals and trades persons are placed, either through express entry for Canada or the newly introduced Canadian Job-Bank.
  • The government offices and employers looking for foreign talent can select the candidate(s) that meet their skill requirement.
  • Regular draws will be conducted from the Pool and those appearing higher in ranking will be selected. If a person has a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer, his or her chances of coming on top in this pool increases.
  • It is NOT A MUST requirement that a candidate should have a confirmed job offer from a Canadian Employer to be eligible to get an invite to apply for PR visa.
  • The basis for selection from the express entry pool will be comprehensive Ranking system (CRS)
  • Upon receiving an ITA, candidates have to submit a fully completed PR application. The processing time for such applications will be 6 months or less.
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