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Canadian Work Permit:


  1. Registration
  2. Technical Interview with the client
  3. LMO Processing: (Named LMO Takes 10 days to be issued)
  4. Issuance of Named LMO
  5. Visa Application at CHC (Processing time 2­3 months)
  6. Issuance of Medicals
  7. Medical Test by CHC Approved Doctor
  8. Visa Issuance:
  9. Travel to Canada and join the job
  10. IELTS score

Some areas of Canada where your occupation is in demand:

Vancouver Island and Victoria, British Columbia:

  • Demand is very good for chefs in this region due to tourism, and the large size of the food services industry.
  • Prospects are especially good for chefs with training and experience in ethnic, regional, healthy and vegetarian cuisines.


  • Employment prospects for chefs are expected to be good through 2013, and a proportionally larger share of jobs for chefs is located in Winnipeg.
  • Opportunities are particularly good in family restaurants and specialty foods services.
  • Prospects continue to be very for chefs with training and experience in ethnic or regional
  • Professional Associations and Unions include: Canadian Culinary Federation, Hotel & Restaurant Local, and Manitoba Restaurant and Food Services Association.

Saskatoon and Rural West, Saskatchewan:

  • A growing regional tourism industry has resulted in strong demand for chefs.
  • Saskatoon's growing number of establishments specializing in exotic, ethnic, regional, health or vegetarian cuisine has created new opportunities for chefs with specific skills.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:

  • Employment prospects for Chefs in Nova Scotia in general are expected to be good over the next 5 years.
  • There is a shortage of supply of chefs in Cape Breton particularly during the busy summer tourist season, and many resorts are in need of specialty chefs.

Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  • Employment prospects for qualified Chefs are considered to be very good in Halifax.
  • The demand for Chefs specializing in foreign cooking, sous-chefs, and pastry chefs is particularly high.

Prince Edward Island:

  • Employment prospects for chefs in PEI are very good.
  • Employers indicate there is a shortage of qualified chefs on the Island, and this is particularly problematic in the extremely busy summer months when many more restaurants are operating for tourists.
  • More opportunities are available in the Charlottetown area due to the large number of restaurants located in the city, but there are also many resorts outside the city that need qualified chefs.

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